Bounce House Advertising

Where to advertise your moon bounce business?

The best advertisement is your delivery and personal vehicle. Just think, every where you go, potential customers are all around you. The ability to deck your vehicle out in a full body wrap is the ultimate display of professionalism. The kids will yell your business name all the way to the truck. You will pass out business cards like crazy. Utilize as many free online directory services as you can. Advertise in the local phone book. Yes, believe it or not, people still look to the phone book for professional services. Look for paid niche bounce house sites that offer a lot of exposure.


Why is what you call your equipment is important?

Depending on were you live, there are different names used to describe a moon bounce. They have been marketed under a variety of names: Astrojump or moonwalk or moon bounce or jolly jump in the US, bouncy castle or inflatable castle in the UK and parts of Australia, and as jumping castles and party castles in Australia. Knowing what the moms and kids in your area call your rental equipment is very important. Discovering the most popular names for these inflatable structures allows you to capitalize on the traffic generated by searches on Google, Yahoo, MSN and other major search engines. You may need to hire a professional to learn what people are searching for in your area.


How do you get safety training?

An easy way to get a overall guide to the business is to join SITO and complete their training program. After the program you will have a solid foundation on the safety aspects of the business. You will have a lot of bumps along the way, but you will at least have the safety portion of the business under your belt. At the end of the online program you will also receive a training certificate that most insurance companies will honor (usually a 10% premium discount). The rest of the journey will be learned as you go. There are many tricks and tips, but the only way to get those is to have a mentor. (Due to an overwhelming amount of requests we have now made available a question and answer session with the owner of and author of this article.)
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