Bounce House Franchise

Is a moon bounce franchise right for me?

Well that depends. A franchise was created to remove all the hassles of running a business. For example, if you wanted to open a restaurant and you chose to own a McDonald’s franchise, they would give you training and manuals on just about every aspect of the business. The same would go for a moon bounce franchise right? One only wishes that could be true. Currently most bounce house franchise opportunities offer you a link from their website, some generic legal documents, a couple pages of recommendations, and maybe a 30 minute video. These are definitely not full blown franchise packages. The financial cost for a real franchise opportunity would be in excess of $30,000. Not many small business owners are ready to fork over that amount of cash for what seems like such an easy business to operate. But the fact of the matter is that even the bounce house business owner has a lot of responsibilities. To go at it by yourself, means that you will need to be a lawyer, accountant, advertising specialist, webmaster, customer service specialist, mechanical ride technician, and a manager. The bounce house industry has yet to provide the real deal. You can find moon bounce franchise opportunities out there, but you will still need to hire some business professionals to help you along the way. If you choose to go with a franchise, think of it as replacing some of your roles as a business owner. If the franchise offers a great branded name and website, then you just hired your webmaster and marketing specialist.


Buying a Bounce House

When making your first purchase you will need to know some basics. Your unit should be made of a minimum 18 oz flame (fire retardant) vinyl and triple stitched in every location possible. If it is a colorful unit the color change should be a change in vinyl fabric and not paint. Art work is great, but it is the first thing to wear on your unit due to the sun and folding the unit away. Safety features to look for are: small openings in the safety netting to prevent finger injuries; safety step on the front of the unit so that the little ones can get in and out safely; and a emergency roof release or netting style roof to prevent suffocation in case of collapse. You will not know until you have tested the unit out if it holds static pressure well. A good idea would be to purchase a single unit and test it out. Some manufactures are better at bounce houses than at slides, obstacle courses, etc…
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