Bounce House Insurance

How do I obtain bounce house insurance?

To obtain insurance you must have your equipment inventory, legal agreement, and delivery area figured out before you can even apply for insurance. Some insurance companies can give you a rough quote without them. Figuring out how much General Liability coverage your going to need can be tricky. In some states the minimum is less than 1 million, in others the minimum is 2 million or more. You will need to check with both state and local officials to determine the amount. It would be wise not to base your insurance coverage needs simply on compliance with the law. You must make sure that you have adequate insurance to cover a major injury. Be able to understand what it is exactly that your general liability insurance covers, as most do not cover your delivery vehicles or employee injuries. There are more than 10 companies that offer reasonably priced insurance for the moon bounce industry. That is a great improvement from only 5 years ago when there were only two insurance companies that even knew what a bounce house was. Use your favorite search engine to find a couple insurance providers. Be sure and call a couple before you decide on one. You will gain a lot from the experience. Different companies can offer better rates and coverage depending on their location to you.


What laws govern your bounce house business?

In a lot of states and municipalities inflatable structures are treated like mechanical rides. Some locations require annual inspections, permit fees, and regular inspections on the day of the event. These requirements are usually only necessary for large public events such as fairs and carnivals. You must find out before you setup any unit or you can be fined and convicted by your local or state official. Usually state requirements are easy to obtain and can be found on the internet ( The smaller municipalities will be a little tougher. You will need to call city hall and ask for the Mechanical Inspection Department. Usually they can point you in the right direction. Most safety guidelines will be similar to the following: 36″ Steel Stakes, 300 lbs of sand per tether point, stanchions for crowd control, grounded generators, qualified attendants, etc…
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