Start a Bounce House Rental Business

So You Want to Start a bounce house business?

The first question that you should ask yourself is “Why do I want to start a moon bounce business?” For most, the answer is for the money. For others, the answer is working for themselves. Although there are many other reasons, one could confidently rate the above as the top two reasons. Starting your own moon bounce business does guarantee that you will be working for yourself. But, the money you make in the bounce house rental business depends greatly on how much work and effort you put into the business.


Do I need a business loan to start a bounce house business?

The bounce house rental business has become more main stream and understood by many financial institution. If you are looking to start your business with a loan you will need to do your homework and develope a business plan. It is not easy convincing a bank to loan you money. On the bright side, a lot of inflatable manufacturing companies are offering financing. Very few of the moonbounce businesses today start out with business loans. Most start out with personal savings or personal lines of credit. This reason heavily contributes to what makes the moon bounce rental business so attractive. Normally, you can start a bounce house business with a minimum budget of about $5000. With such a small budget you must already own a delivery truck, trailer, storage area, and a home computer. Starting out small will limit your income earning potential. If you only have one or two bounce house units, you will be hard pressed to earn more that $10,000 in your first year. In fact, it is likely that you will only come close to making your initial investment back no matter how much effort you put into the business. Make sure you have taken the time to make a realistic table to help meet your financial goal. For example, if you own two bounce house units and they are rented out every Saturday, Sunday and once during the week for $200 each, you would gross $1200 weekly. That may seem like a decent amount of cash for a startup business, but it’s not. You need to consider about 25 percent for taxes, the cost of insurance, fuel, vehicle maintenance, advertising costs, professional services, and other incidentals. Your $1200 can quickly diminish to less than $500 and that’s relying on your ability to keep the bounce house units rented out three times per week. Put simple, your startup cost are directly related to how much you want to earn in the first year. The more you invest, the more earning potential you will have.
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